Most of all: A lifelong learner and work in progress. 
Aurorasa Sima is an experienced Emotional Intelligence trainer, emotional intelligence specialist for Dr. Mark Goulston and certified Marshall Goldsmith Leadership coach. She specializes in the development of Enhanced Leadership skills, Mindfulness and improved levels of Life Satisfaction. 

Professional Experience

 Aurorasa has worked extensively in both enterprise and personal venues.

Raised and educated in Frankfurt, Germany, she brings an international perspective to interactions.

Specialties: Emotional Intelligence | Empowerment | Training Enterprise Consultation | Sales Training | Success Coaching | Self-improvement | Happiness Enhancement | Executive Coaching | Holistic Coaching 

Qualifications & Accreditations



... potential to take you even farther than imagined.
Irene Hackett = Human Resources Business Analyst
Aurorasa Sima has a keen, intuitive understanding of business and the people who run them. She offers a diverse ‘toolkit’ of innovative methods to help her clients achieve and succeed. If you are considering exploring a service that will help take your business, your career or your personal life to the next level – Aurorasa Sima’s wise, insightful and no nonsense approach have the potential to take you even farther than imagined.

Dr. Mark Goulston = Thought Leader
If you believe that you need to connect with people before you convince them, I can't think of anyone better than Aurorasa Sima to help you with that. 

Mike Bosworth - Author | Speaker | Sales Philosopher | Story Seeker
Aurorasa reaches into your emotions and behaviors and shows you how to change them in concrete ways that improve and benefit your outlook, your internal emotional well-being, and your life.
If you're looking for help in these matters, you could not do better than to engage Aurorasa Sima. Try her, you'll like her.

My results were outstanding
Ellen Corey = National Board Certified- Health and Wellness Coach NBC-HWC
Aurorasa Sima is an expert in training corporate and individual clients to eliminate success blockers and create profound changes in their work and personal lives. Stress relief, goal achievement and increased happiness are but a few of the results of training or coaching with Aurorasa.
Coupling her strong background in sales and training, with her knowledge of Emotional Intelligence, Aurorasa designs training programs that are cutting edge and produce excellent outcomes. 
After personally using one of Aurorasa’s products, I can unequivocally say, she is a professional who knows her business. My results were outstanding.

Aurorasa is the only EI coach whom I've ever felt comfortable in recommending.
Phil Friedman = Managing Director
I, personally, find much of the popular talk about "Emotional Intelligence" to be little more than a formula for disingenuousness and manipulation. However, what I've learned through my consultations with Aurorasa Sima have proven to be a remarkable exception to that rule. For I've found in those interactions significant insights into managing interpersonal relationships, as well as a seriously useful grounding in solid reality. For these reasons, Aurorasa is the only EI coach whom I've ever felt comfortable in recommending.

... sustained positive change
Ian Weinberg = Neurosurgeon and Neuromodulator at Triangles Model Applications (TMA) Academy
Aurorasa provides authentic and highly effective applications designed to bring about sustained positive change.

... my improved Emotional Social Intelligence training with her began to pay off
Ben Pinto = Sales Consultant
After just starting Aurorasa's 30-day challenge towards a new better me, my improved Emotional Social Intelligence training with her began to pay off. ...
I recommend that Salespeople seeing many people on a day-to-day basis take this training and practice to improve themselves. This is a proprietary program by Aurorasa Sima and cannot be found elsewhere.

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