My name is Debra Barrath. I have been an executive coach since 2013. I have built my coaching career on 30+ years of experience in health systems in the USA, Canada and South Africa as a nurse, strategy consultant, policy advisor, and senior leader in healthcare. That expertise is the platform for my work as an executive coach, supporting other leaders in their ongoing growth and development. 

I work with people who are committed to the health care systems, community organizations, and communities we serve. My clients have a vision for the future of health and health care. They are driven to constantly improve health service delivery and how health care professionals and staff relate to patients, families and communities. They are passionate about transforming their organizations by creating innovative health programs and services and ensuring high quality service delivery.

Communication and connection are important to me! I connect with people through coaching, public speaking, group facilitation, and collaborative planning processes so that I can understand their priorities and needs, and can work with them to develop relevant action plans that honor their values, address their priorities, and ensure their effectiveness. 

I thrive on diversity. I am a global citizen and I love the diverse ideas that come from the intermingling of new perspectives. One of my passions is bringing international perspective to my work -- and listening for what is unique and interesting about each of the people (or groups) with whom I work. I have worked in the USA, Canada, South Africa and Kenya to lead teams, develop programs and service delivery models, facilitate workshops, and deliver presentations to improve quality of care, strengthen leaders and professional networks, and improve health workforce development, recruitment and retention. 

Professional Experience

 Kaiser Permanente, Greater Los Angeles Area: 2012-2023
Senior Director, Service Excellence (Care Experience)
Director, Education and Professional Development 
Lead Business Specialist, System Solutions & Deployment (SSD) 

Barrath Consulting, Greater Los Angeles Area: 2013-Present
Executive Coach and Healthcare Strategy Consultant

UCLA, Greater Los Angeles Area: 2011-2012
Program Director, Community Engagement Research Program, CTSI/Clinical & Translational Science Institute 

Alberta Health Services, Calgary, Alberta, Canada: 2007-2011
Provincial Director, Community Health Centers + Primary Care Reform
Regional Director, Professional Practice & Development

Government of Nova Scotia Department of Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: 2005
Senior Policy Analyst, Interim CNO/Nursing Policy Advisor

University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada: 2001-2002
Research Officer, Nursing Effectiveness, Utilization and Outcomes Research Unit 

Capital Health: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: 2000-2002
Vice-Chair, Chebucto-West Community Health Board
Registered Nurse (Psychiatric Mental Health: Short Stay + Acute Care)

Nova Scotia Council on Multicultural Health (NSCMH): Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: 1994-2002
  President and Treasurer

Dalhousie University Schools of Nursing and Medicine: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: 1993-2002
  Health Policy Consultant, Lecturer, Researcher, Writer

Addington Hospital, KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health: Durban, South Africa: 1987-1991
  Registered Nurse (General Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, & Midwifery)


Qualifications & Accreditations

 B Soc Sc (Nursing, Industrial Sociology): 1991 
Masters in Nursing: 2000
Registered Nurse: 1990 to 2011
ICF Associate Certified Coach: 2015-2024
International Coach Federation (ICF)
American College of Health Executives
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing



Debra has an amazing ability to gently ask powerful questions to help you get wherever you need to go. Months later, I keep returning to reflect on our conversations and gain deeper insights; a sign of a skilled, dedicated, and amazing executive coach.
Adrienne Danyliw, 
Saskatchewan Health Authority/Saskatchewan Health Quality Council

"Debra has a unique gift, where she can not only draw you in but also coach in a Socratic way where you understand how to use different methods to solve different problems. She did an excellent job coaching a consulting group session I was in, where we role played and addressed change management in a multi level leadership environment. Thanks Debra! You truly are a gem."
Liz (Rubalcaba) Ruiz, Interim Performance Improvement Director at Kaiser Permanente

"Debra helped me navigate a major life and career transformation. She was a weekly breath of fresh air as I strategized through developing my new company. She helped me tap into the courage and talent that had to be released in a new venue. Together we found the intersection between my gifts and talents and the needs in the healthcare industry. As a result I am now the President of my new company and more fulfilled professionally than I have ever been in my life. Debra was a God-send and I would recommend her to anyone daring enough to transform their life!"
Healthcare Strategy Executive, Inland Empire, CA

"Debra's personal approach, professionalism, knowledge and integrity was a true value for us. We will use her services in the future and highly recommend her."
Shoshana Kliman, Realtor, JohnHart Real Estate Redefined, Sherman Oaks, CA.

"Debra coached me through a major career change. Her perspective gave me the self-confidence to push beyond my comfort zone and get the job I really wanted. Incidentally, my relationship with my dad and girlfriend has never been better. Thanks Debra!"
Vice President, Finance Firm, Santa Monica, CA.

"I was stuck!  Lots of ideas floating around in my head but I no longer knew my passions.  Years of building a career and raising my son as a single parent, I lost sight of them; and then came Debra Barrath.  Five sessions with her, I have clarity about my passions and established the priorities for this season of my life. Debra helped me by setting a safe, constructive environment wherein she asked the “right” questions and guided me onto the path I was seeking.  I found the experience extremely gratifying and life changing!  I would recommend Debra Barrath to people who need to get 'unstuck.'"
Sondra, Retired Public Servant, Los Angeles, CA

"Debra is a highly skilled and personable coach who has the ability to craft her approach to fit each client's needs. I highly recommend hiring her as a coach for high value, high integrity coaching!" 
Councilwoman, City of El Monte, CA

"Debra is a creative and innovative thinker who is not afraid to approach problems as opportunities. I feel Debra would be a fabulous asset to any team interested in innovative and progressive solutions."
Dora Barilla, Assistant Vice President for Strategy and Innovation, Loma Linda University Health

"Debra and I worked on a large scale project for Alberta Health Services - Calgary Area this past year. Debra has a strong academic background and a thirst for knowledge. She is open to new ideas and ways of thinking. She comes at her work with the best of intentions for the collective good of the organization, over self-interest. She has a solid understanding of health care.  I would highly recommend Debra for an organization that wants to do the 'right' thing"
Laurie Maslak, Executive Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Alberta Health Services

"I was extremely impressed by Debra's vast knowledge of the healthcare system and her ability to conduct thorough environmental scans. Debra has the unique ability to synthesize a large volume of information and adapt the findings to develop innovative recommendations. Even more impressive was Debra's enthusiasm, her outstanding writing skills, and her sincere and deep desire to work collaboratively with stakeholders to improve health outcomes. It is with pleasure that I provide her with the highest level of recommendation."
Brigitte McDonough, Senior Executive Leader, Alberta Health Services

“Debra is an experienced and extremely competent health care professional with broad expertise including excellent project management, execution and evaluation skills."
Shahnaz Davachi, Director of Diverse Populations & Chronic Disease Management, Alberta Health Services

"Debra demonstrates professionalism, integrity and commitment in all of the work she does. Debra's energy and enthusiasm, her responsiveness to stakeholder input, her academic background and her strong contribution to moving organizational goals forward, all support her as a strong nursing leader."
Annjanette Weddell, Executive Director of Professional Practice, Alberta Health Services
"Debra has demonstrated work of the highest quality and attention to detail. Her ability to assimilate perspectives from outside the healthcare field in relevant ways has enabled others to view problems and solutions with greater creativity than they would have brought to the table on their own."
Chris Laroque, Manager of Business Process Engineering, Calgary Health Region

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