Partner and Chief Development Officer of Zest Leaders, an experienced consultancy and leadership development company in Saint Petersburg, Russia. We currently serve Russia, CIS and Vietnam and focus on long-term leadership development programs in large corporations.

As a coach I provide sustainable, measurable and guaranteed growth for HiPo, HiPro and C-suite. 

Professional Experience

 My 17+ years of working experience include:
—12 years in digital marketing: client-side, agency-side and market infrastructure projects (professional
associations, conferences, awards etc)
— Occupation as a corporate employee, an entrepreneur, a start-up founder and an free-lance
— 12+ years as a Chief Development Officer in different companies
— 10+ years as a group trainer
— 6+ years as a corporate consultant (in fields of digital technologies, personal development
and leadership)
— 2+ years as an executive coach (professionally)

Public speaking experience includes hundreds of events (literally), including TEDx. Participated as a guest speaker at Marshall Goldsmith’s full-day seminar in Moscow (2018), with topic “Mindfulness for Leaders”. 

Qualifications & Accreditations

 — Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Certified Coach (2019)
— Hogan Assessments Systems, Certified (2019)
— Global Leadership Assessment 360, Certified (2019)
— Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Basic course on CBT (Russia, 2018)
— “Business Trainers Mastership” programme, Certified (Russia, 2010—2011)
— Master of Mathematics at Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia, 2004) 


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