Arvid Buit is a well-known master executive coach in the leadership- and corporate world. Arvid focuses on strategic challenges by changing c-suite leadership behaviour with his unique approach. He specializes in boardroom-psychology and behavioural change that lasts. Over the past decade, he worked with 500+ CxO leaders in his coaching practice.

Professional Experience

 With extensive experience in both national- and international leadership (working in the media- and entertainment, healthcare, education and production business), Arvid gained boardroom knowledge by working as an executive director, company owner, creative director, concept developer and member of the supervisory board. He's also a certified boardmember and licensed as supervisory non-executive. 

Besides his coaching practice, Arvid is a popular Keynote Speaker, having a unique story about ‘Leadership Psychology and why you can still love them’. He was active (among others) for The CFO Day, Corporate Growth Summit, and spoke for KPMG / Heineken / KNVB and many others. 

Several media rely on Arvid’s specialized knowledge of narcissism and strategic leadership, for live interviews, written articles and online platforms. He loves to work on groundbreaking boardroom programmes and challenging new business ventures. Many people read his Blogs on the LinkedIn platform or via large corporate websites like Business Insider. 

Qualifications & Accreditations

 Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach
Marshall Goldsmith Global Leadership Assessment
ICF Master Certified Coach
EMCC Master Practitioner Coach
EMCC Professional Supervisor
Author of 'Wahlberg - Story of a CEO' (2015)
Author of 'Save the Alfawolf' (2018)


"Arvid is second to none. His intelligence, thoughtfulness, and experience makes him the perfect Executive Coach. If you have the pleasure of working with Arvid, you will learn more about yourself than you could imagine. And, you will experience growth in your organization beyond compare." Michael Ross - President MLN

"Would recommend this top-coach to any company in need for real change" VdB - CEO international bank

"This guy is really funny, and in the meanwhile helped in a great an incredible way" BS - Owner of international media-company

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